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Financial Domination
Entry 1: October 7, 2014 The Launch of My Brand New Site
For those of you that don't know, I have been a Professional Model for more than 13 years! If you're wondering how I ventured into the world of Financial Domination, then here it is.... First and foremost, I began my Findom adventure after working on webcam for over 8 years. Although I have never really taken anyones crap during cam shows, I still had to abide by the rules, and code of conduct. Not really knowing, or understanding how many idiots actually spend money on the net just to look, or talk to beautiful women was beyond me. Over time, I learned to work the system, and before I knew it the $$$'s were coming in without even lifting a finger at times. To get away from the typical porn types of webcam, I began slowly changing the way I do things without putting a bad taste in my fans mouths. Dancing and being seductive has always flowed with me no matter what, but the question was could I Seduce men to give me anything...., and I...., mean anything I want? Slowly...., but surely.... the answer to my own question was right in front of me. With that being said..., I could intoxicate men in general, along with all the foolish ones to boot. I was never a girl who totally tried to controll men, but after years of dealing with ungrateful assholes..., I figured what the hell. I am not some vicious cruel, and heartless person, but I do love the Intoxicating Controll over men that  love to submit, spoil, obey, and be controlled by a Truely Gorgeous Princess such as myself. Once I got a taste, the cat was out of the bag! I am amused, by the losers that fall all over me, and are willing to hand over every ounce of their hard earned money. I thouroughly enjoy the thrill of whiping out their Bank Accounts, and running up their credit cards, just so they have to keep working to accommodate my my lifestyle, and all the things I want , and need. I think it's hilarious how the supposed real men that have been in my life, have managed to lose me for their own selfish ways..., yet complete strangers would do anything without ever physically touching me, really knowing me, or even having the opportunity to stand by me would give me everything I want. 
One of my best experiences of Financial Domination was when I took controll of his Bank Account, Credit Cards and any Stock Money he had. Total amounting at over $40,000. I really had no idea.... till after months of spending and shopping, plus his weekly income. Allot may not belive this, but here's the a copy of the Bank Statement as well  as the AMEX Card I completely maxed out! He was thouroughly turned on, and excited to learn what has been done. Thanks to this Money Slave I was able to get all new Stainless Steel Appliances, a Brand New Washer&Dryer Set, New Clothes, Shoes, A Tahoe Vacation, and tons of other things I spent on Family Members, plus paid Bills regularly, and began the process of getting a business going that I absolutley love doing on the side. I still... need tons of stuff for the business that will be for all you other Slaves to contribute to, so don't worry..., there's a shit load more that I can spend. Hehe..., and I can't wait.
My next Goal is to have everything I can ever want,  and fattening my Bank Account with Slaves Money making me have zero Financial Strains on my own Finances, as far as Shopping, "A New Car", Vacations and whatever I want . If you're here to pick and poke, and then try to leave... Def. Not... going to happen. Don't forget your place fools.... My fans are a different story, yet they typically appreciate me and Spoil me as well. Hope you all enjoyed my into to my Brand New Website of Financial Fuckery. Now... let's get down to business my Money Slaves, Pigs, and Losers. Prepare to be utterly Intoxicated, and Drained. Ohhhhhh..... Yeah..... Don't forget to Tribute at least $100 before you leave. Klick the dollar signs below!
Spoiled Princess Tania for Financial Domination, Fetish, Worship, Tribute
Spoiled Princess Tania for Financial Domination, Fetish, Worship, Tribut

So.... Update for today. One of my stupid pathetic Money Slaves had the nerve to try to get out of his ownership with me...., all because he suddenly has some girl that makes him supposedly happy. Seriously..... This jackass is so skinny.., he looks like a tweeker. I can't even imagin any real girl wanting anything to do with him, especially with the freakin untamed bush that is learking in his pants. No wonder the dipshit couldn't get the chastity I mailed him on. Too.... much garden in the patch. LMFAO.... Well... Slaves. It's not that easy to get out of being owned by me, especially if you can't pay the Fee that has to be paid to be released from ownership.Haha... As I sit here and type this, I laugh profusely at how I am ignoring his dumbass after a response. All slaves should know better than to try to trade a Findom Princess for a GF... That doesn't work!!! You're too much of a pathetic fool to have a REAL GF, and seriously... do you think I give two shits if you're happy or not?? This is not about you Losers, this is about ME..., and only ME as your Financial Domme. My message to all you weak, pathetic losers is to not even try this once you're owned. If I have your accounts and controll your fincances and life, then it is at my leasure as to weather I want to release you or not. No Payment for Realease, then no release. Plain and simple. I own you till you cash me out Bitch!!! That's what you are..., my Bitch, and you wear it so well

Entry 2. October 8th, 2014

Entry 6. May 13, 2015

Well.... I have been noticing allot of Fake ass FinSlaves, and PaySlaves Floating around on the internet these days trying to scam Dommes. Probably not the best idea for these idiots, as we will end up exposing you, and making sure you get added to the list of worthless time wasting fools. This means capturing photos of you, and posting them along with any incriminating messages that have been sent to prove your an official timewaster! See examples below... LMAO!!! Hope these maggots get confronted by public people they know at some point, who knows nothing of their dirty little secrets. Below are 2 time wasting Idiots who have NO Money, but Lie to Dommes on Twitter. If you don't want to end up like them, then don't mess with me, or the other Dommes, by pulling any stupid shit that's like this.




Entry 3. December 4th, 2014

So... it's the month of December, and I am on a serious hunt for a few Slaves looking to be owned by one of the most beautiful Princess's around. For those of you lurking on my site that think you're worth of me, you know what to do! I am also very sick and tired of the maggotts floating around on the net acting like they are Financial Slaves only to waste time. My time is Precious...., and I don't have time to waste on you pieces of garbage. Since it's Christmas time, I want a Flood of Preasants that I have been wanting for some time. It's a perfect time for you dipshits to send Tributes, so that I can go  Shopping. My Tree should be filled with gifts before Christmas. I am so looking forward to ruining some new slaves this New Year in 2015. The havock has continued as we are moving towards the New Year! Time for me to close this out, and get to shopping for exciting things I want while you Losers foot the bill.... Stay tuned for updates Maggotts .

Entry 4. January 26th, 2015

Well... I have been sick for a week with a Nasty flu that has been going around, so I have felt like utter crap. I do however try to feel better when you little maggots are sending gifts and Tributes to try to make me feel better. That is just not enough at times. I need a full on Spa Treatment to revive myself after this nasty virus, that has taken me down. I have been getting Victoria's Secret Gift Cards, Gifts and other things, but I am really wanting some Cash for a nice Get Well Shopping Spree, and Spa Treatment to Detoxify myself and rebuild my Immune System. You idiots better get to working really hard to make me happy. I am not happy lately with some of the fools who send messages after one Tribute, and then fall of the Slave Train. How about the dumb fucks that send emails with no Tributes at all. Are these guys so dumb that they haven't learned to read word for word what a Princess/Goddess of my calibur writes in words. Part or your pathetic job is to read, and follow directions to the exact as I specify. I take time out of my day to type things clearly for you idiots, even though none of you are really worth my time to begin with. Half of you can't even supply me with the dollar amounts that I require. The ones that can I litterly destroy. The ones I destroy completely sometimes try to decide they don't want my financial ruin any longer, yet... once I own you and everything you have, there is no way out unless you are completely broke with no other options for me to release your stupid asses. I thouroughly... enjoy Financially Fucking all of you, and watching you squirm while I read messages from you begging me to stop the destruction upon you! I guess you piggies think you have a choice once you can't handle me anymore. Sorry... Maggots. There really is no way out unless I want to let you out. The more you beg to get away, the more I keep ruining and spending to ammuse my Financial desires, while you struggle to work everyday. I guess you all forget that this is about me, not YOU. I was put on this earth to be served in every Financial Way that I deserve at the expense of Pay Pigs, Pay Slaves, Fin Slaves and all the Subs who worship the ground I walk on. If you're sitting in front of your computer drooling and longing to serve me, and my needs, then you need to start using your credit cards and bank accounts to satisfy my Financial needs. You can start now, since you have nothing better to do, then sit there with your filthy hand on your measily cock s that would never be worthy of me. I am a very needy Princess/Goddess that loves being a Spoiled Brat. So give me all I want, while I watch you squirm.

Entry 5. February 24th, 2015




So.... to  let all of you losers know, I had an amazing Valentines Dinner at an awesome restaurant. Too... bad non of you got to be my lucky date! Not like any of you would actually be able to measure up to a Real Man that is of my calibur. We all know that is not possible, and that all of you are good for only one thing, andd that is serving me your Superior Princess. My night consisted of being picked up by a Limo, and having drinks on the way to my amazing dinner. I then had a couple more drinks wile waiting to be seated. Of course everyone was in awe... when I walked in wearing a Red Hot Bebe Dress that I had chosen for this night! The waitress let me know just how amazing I looked by saying so when she came to the table to take the order. Imagin that... This waitress really knew how to compliment beauty when she sen it. Either way... she was awesome! I ate all the delicious food I could consume, including desert and drank 3 different wines during dinner. Almost $300 dollars later... that one of my fellow slaves gave to pay for dinner was handled, then off to a nearby lounge by Limo for some more drinks. Way.. too tipsy to be out too, too late it was back in the Limo for a wild ride home. I had a few Amazon gift cards in my email inbox, as well as a couple gifts that showed up, but I think most of you idiots slacked on the Valentines Day fun this year! I guess most of you will have o make it up throughout the year, otherwise I am going to begin picking of the extremely worthless ones that do very little. This year I am only going to be allowing the extreme worthy. Not gonna play games with the Fools who can't live up to their titles as Finslaves, Pay slaves and Pay Pigs. I am fed up with you timewasters, and I am sure a majority of the findoms are too. I have not been online lately since before Valentines Day, as I have not been feeling too great with certain health conditions and so forth. I expect that some of you, will be working hard for me to put a smile on my face or at least try. Hope to be back online soon, and see how many pin dick losers have been waiting for me to destroy and stomp them.