If you are on this page, and looking to become one of my Owned FinSlaves, and or Money Slaves, then begin by sending a  Tribute along with submitting a message with full details on why you think you are worthy enough to Serve me, and my every Financial Need. This message should include details of your net worth, and any other important information that might get my attention. You must be willing, and able to Serve me the way I deserve. No... exceptions! If you don't follow directions, you will not get a response. Be honest and creative Losers. Include a Tribute of a $100 dollar Application Fee. No Fee means NO Response from ME! Once I receive all that is required I will email you an Owned Slave Contract to fill out and sign to send back to me. If you were on the main page, and sent $1000 for immediate ownership, then I will automatically send the contract of ownership. No Application will be neccessary, as you will have proven your worthy of the initial $1,000.