Tribute towards my monthly expences, and More.




   Pay My Rent~  $1,200


    Pay My Utilities~ $600


Pay My Car Payment~ $530                     


Loser Tax~ $50



  Holiday Shopping Funds ~ $200






         Pay For My Groceries~ $400


                 Pay For My Car Insurance~ $250


          Pay My Cell Phone Bill~ $150 


               Pay My Gym Membership~ $ 100


              Pay For My Supplements~ $300 


          Pay all my Bills Combined for 1 Month~ $3,475.00


                          Pay For Me To Take A Vacation~ $5,000


           Pay For A Spa Treatment~ $400


                   Buy Me A New Bedroom Set~ $4,000


                           Just Because I am Gorgeous Tax ~ $1,000


              Pay My Medical  Insurance~ $450


                         Buy Me All My Favorite Bikinis~ $2,000


                             Pay For My Manicure and Pedicure~ $200














Buy My Worn Panties~ $100 Per Pair


Buy My Worn Socks 4 Pairs For~ $50


Buy My Old Shoes~ $75 A Pair


Buy Autographed 8X10 Mini Posters of Me~ $30


Buy My Bath Towel I Dried Off On~ $120


Buy My Old Lingerie. 3 Pieces For~ $400