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Financial Domination

Send Money to Be Owned By Me... If I own you, then you will serve my Financial needs whenever I ask. First Installment of $1,000 for me to take ownership of you Immediately without an application submission. No exceptions! Click Below To Pay!!!


Hello Losers,


My Financial Domination expertise is as follows: Foot Fetish, Boob Fetish, Ass Fetish, Chasity Slaves, Forced Intox, Humiliation, Blackmail, Sissifacation, Princess Worshiping, Human ATM's, Real Time Ball Busting, Exploitation, and anything I see fit for Losers who are worthy of entering my Pig Pen. You should only be here if you enjoy being thouroghly used, and abused, by one of THE HOTTEST Verified Findoms on the Internet. I have no use for slaves that can't serve me Financially, so don't waste my time! Your job is to keep me happy, and spoil the hell out of me either on a daily basis, or weekly basis. Regardless of how hard you try, there's a chance it may never be enough.... I get a thrill out of those who spend, and spend just to try to satisfy my selfish need for Money..., Gifts, and More.... Money!! I will drain you of your hard earned money, while you watch me live the extravagant lifestyle I so desire. A Princess like me deserves to get, and have whatever I want. Now get to work my little Slaves, and start sending Tributes, and Gifts to show you're some kind of worthy, otherwise.... "Fuck Off "




Send Funds to me for my Birthday, which is September 12th, but everyday is a Princesse's Birthday, and Increments of $1,000 are accepted only! I want to be able to buy nice expensive things, or even go for a nice exotic vacation that I truly deserve to go on, with your hard earned $$$'s that you will give to me.....!!!!

Financial Domination

I accept Gift Cards to my email as well from Victoria's Secret, Gift Card Mall Online, as well as Ebay and Amazon. These can be emailed to:



My Favorite Brands:




Tiffany and Co. 

Steve Madden


Hudson Jeans

Victoria's Secret

Juicy Couture


Louis Vuitton

Miss Me

LA Idol

True Religeon







Abercrombie & Fitch




Favorite Makeup Brands:



Luminess Air


IT Cosmetics

Urban Decay







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